Password Reset £15.00

Locked out of your WordPress website?
You can easily reset your password using the Forgotten Password link on the WordPress login screen.
But if that didn't work and your website is hosted or managed by us, we can access the database and update the password manually. If you don;t know your username, we can retrieve that too.
PS If your website is hosted elsewhere but you have access to the web hosting control panel, we can help you too

WordPress Version Update £49.99

Keeping WordPress up to date is essential for security purposes.

Since version 3.7, WordPress performs minor updates for you (eg 3.7.1 to 3.7.2) but other updates need to be performed manually.

WordPress has an internal function to do this, but you are strongly advised to backup your database and files before doing so. This can be an awkward process if you are unsure of what you are doing.

We can do this for you, as we do regularly for many of our web development clients.

What we'll do

  • Backup WordPress Database
  • Backup WordPress Theme Files
  • Upgrade WordPress to latest version
  • Upgrade Plugins to latest version
  • Test the upgrade
  • If there is a problem with your WordPress installation that prevents successful upgrade (this can be caused by custom code for example), we will restore the original version and advise on how this can be fixed.

    Help keep your site secure by keeping your WordPress installation up to date!

    WordPress Website Migration £60.00

    Are you moving your website to new hosting services?
    We handle the whole transfer, leaving your website working exactly as it was for a single fixed fee.

    We've transferred thousands of WordPress websites and one thing we've learnt
    'Free transfer' services are a blunt tool, automated scripts that always leave the job half done - contact forms, caching, subdomains, SSL certificates are all often left hanging and the website needs profession intervention to get it back up and running smoothly.

    WordPress Website Backup £99.99

    The internet is awash with reckless hackers looking to bring your site down for kicks

    And there's no guarantee they will kindly backup your files, theme and database before they hack your site for fun.

    It's not a solution for a full backup strategy (we can help with that too), but if you want to be able to ensure you can recover at all, you'll need a backup of your files, theme, uploads and database. This can be awkward and time consuming, but we do this all the time and can help.

    What we'll do

  • Backup core WordPress files
  • Backup WordPress Theme Files
  • Backup your media and file uploads
  • Backup your WordPress database
  • Create a dated archive file you can use to restore from in future
  • We will supply the archive file to you for safe keeping, and should disaster strike, you can use this to restore your website

    If you don't currently have a backup or backup strategy, this should be your first step, and as soon as possible!

    PHP Check and Upgrade £12.00

    WordPress 5.2 requires a minimum PHP version of 5.6. We will check and upgrade your PHP version to the latest compatible version version with your website.

    SSL Configuration £25.00

    Configure your WordPress website to use your SSL certificate correctly, and to display the secure padlock in your address bar.
    Please note the SSL certificate is not included and will need to be ordered seperately.

    WooCommerce Update £45.00

    Update WordPress to the latest Version of WooCommerce

    Add New User £15.00

    We provide step by step details on how to add a new user in our Support knowledgebase. If you would prefer us to do this for you, you can select our Add New User service.

    We will add up to three users for you at the same time.

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