01 Aug 2017

Upgrade your Free Trial Web Hosting Account

If you have attended one of our WordPress training courses, you will have been given a free hosting account to use for the duration of the course. If you want to preserve your work after the course you will need to either move your website or upgrade your hosting account to one of our paid plans. This guide shows you how to upgrade

Step 1 – Login to your Watch the Dot Control Panel

For instruction on how to do that, see this guide

Step 2 – Navigate to your services

There are a number of places where youc an do this

Step 3 – Navigate to the service you wish to upgrade

You will need to click on the Service name rather than the website URL.

Step 3 – Select Upgrade

There are a number of places where you can do this

Step 4 – Choose your product

You will have a number of product choices

Step 5 – Checkout with Paypal

Check the details, and Click to Continue. You will be directed to the paypal screen to make payment. paypal will accept cards even if you don’t have a paypal account but if you wish to pay by an alternative method, please contact our support team who will assist.

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