Using Join.me to Allow Remote Access to your PC

To enable us to quickly fix your computer problems, we may sometimes need to access your computer remotely. To do this, we use a free website called join.me. This installs a small program on your computer that generates a code, and this code allows us to access your PC remotely and securely. You can grant or revoke access at anytime, and you can watch exactly what is going on on the screen.

It’s quick and easy to use, but if you’re unsure, the following step by step guide will show you exactly how to grant us access

Step 1 – visit join.me in your browser

joinme-step1You just need to type join.me into your browser of choice (eg Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari). You don’t need to type www, just join.me is fine. This will take you to the join.me website, and should look something like that on the left (you may click to enlarge). Click here to open join.me in a new tab

Step 2 – Select “Start Meeting”

joinme-step2The middle of the screen has two option: “Start Meeting” and “Join a Meeting”. You need to start a meeting by selecting the Orange circle near the centre of the screen.

Step 3 – Run the join.me Application

joinme-step3You will be asked to run the application. How this happens can vary from browser to browser, but typically you will receive a message asking you to confirm you wish to run the application. Select ‘Run’ or ‘Yes’.

Step 4 – Tell us the Numbers at the Top of the Screen

joinme-step4Once the application is running, join.me will present you with some numbers in orange at the top of the screen. These numbers are what we need to access your PC. (You may also get the annoying “You’ve been upgraded’ message. You can ignore this.) Don’t forget, you can see exactly what’s happening, and you can revoke access at any time.

Step 5 – We will join your screen

joinme-step5We will now be able to see your screen, and you will be notified as such. But you still need to give us permission to control your computer. That’s the next step

Step 6 – We Request Control of your Computer

joinme-step6We will ask if we can control your PC. You need to click yes at this point

Step 7 – We are now Controlling your Computer

joinme-step7You can now sit back and watch, or make a cup of tea, or walk the dog or do what ever you want. You’re in safe hands.

Step 8 – We Fix Your Computer

joinme-step8We work some magic at this point.

Step 9 – We Leave Your PC

joinme-step9Once we have finished, we will leave your PC. You will receive a notification telling you this has been done.

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