Like all modern website content systems, WordPress is vulnerable to security breeches. WordPress vulnerabilities are regularly published on wpvulndb.com where they are available for hackers to exploit. WordPress and WordPress theme and plugin developers releases regular updates to its code to ensure the core software remains secure as possible and it is advisable to update the software at your earliest convenience.

Our WordPress Maintenance and Updates Service is a monthly rolling service which provides updates to WordPress core files, WordPress Plugins files and WordPress Theme files that have been provided through the WordPress.org repositories.

WordPress updates are considered an essential security step to ensure the latest security patches are installed and assist in the prevention of website hacks, however this service is not to be deemed as hack insurance.

Premium Plugins and Themes provided by third party services are not updated unless these were sourced or provided directly by Watch the Dot Ltd and there is a valid license agreement in place for the Theme or Plugin.

Themes will be updated within minor versions only (e.g. 1.x to 1.y). Major level theme updates (e.g. 1.x to 2.x) will be charged at our usual support rate. We do not support updates to custom or bespoke themes as a part of this service.

Themes will not be updated if there have been changes made to the core Theme files. In this instance a Child Theme should be created – please ask Watch the Dot Ltd to estimate to create this for you.

WordPress Core and Plugins will be updated to all levels. If the Theme is not compatible with the updates (usually in the instance of older or bespoke themes), Watch the Dot Ltd will roll back to the previous version and provide an estimate to fix Theme incompatibility.

Your website must be operating correctly at the start of this service and be able to install and update Plugins through the dashboard. Updates by FTP are available but will incurr additional cost.

If your website is not using Watch the Dot Ltd Hosting, we can still maintain your WordPress website subject to an audit of your existing web hosting. We will require full administration access to your existing web hosting including full read / write permission to your entire website file structure and website database. We would expect Linux hosting with a modern graphical interface to your file structure and database (eg cPanel, Plesk or eXtend with phpMyAdmin) and optional ssh access. We may be still be able to support your site without these facilities or on Windows hosting, but this will incurr additional cost. Please note that you will be responsible for the ongoing backups of your website and server security.

We will install various plugins to assist in WordPress maintenance and security including Firewall, Backup, Monitoring and Management plugins.

Updates are carried out on a weekly cycle.

No responsibility can be taken for any code added to WordPress Core, Theme or Plugin files. It is your responsibility to make us aware of any non-standard changes to your WordPress installation.

Watch the Dot Ltd cannot be held responsible for difficulties experienced when accessing the Website or individual parts of the Website due to circumstances beyond our control. These may include (but are not limited to): problems with the Clients internet service provider or other third party, failure (partial or whole) of server hardware or software, disruption or failure of any service that prevents Watch the Dot Ltd functioning in a normal manner, natural disaster, weather, war, invasion, riot and other civil disorder, rebellion and revolution.

It is the responsibility of the Client to inform Watch the Dot Ltd if the WordPress Security, Maintenance and/or Hosting Service Agreement is no longer required.

In the event that a Client’s website is compromised, the cost of recovering the website from backup or implementing software fixes will be chargeable and agreed with the Client in advance of any work being undertaken.

The WordPress Security and Maintenance Service offered by Watch the Dot Ltd is for the express purpose of ensuring the continuation of and maintenance of existing website pages. This service does not include minor text and image changes, the creation of new website pages or the addition of new regions to the existing pages, unless that is expressly agreed.

Where a Client, or a third-party employed by a Client, makes changes to a Client website, resulting in issues with the website or any other associated services, Watch the Dot Ltd will not be held responsible in any way for loss of business or solving any issues. If Watch the Dot Ltd is asked to assist in solving issues the time will be chargeable at an agreed hourly rate. It is normal practice to give the Client, and their employees or associates, ‘editor’ access to the website. Where a Client requests full ‘admin’ access Watch the Dot Ltd take no responsibility whatsoever for subsequent issues experienced with the website. It then becomes the Clients’ responsibility to ensure the continuing functionality of the website and associated services.

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