Fees and Times Covered

  • Adhoc Support request are submitted by email or website submission form in our User area at watchthedot.co.uk
  • Support requests are charged at £50.00 / hour
  • One hours payment is required in advance before any work is undertaken, unless a credit agreement is in place.
  • Adhoc Support requests are subject to a 30 minute minimum charge, and then charged in half hour blocks of time
  • Core Support Hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, UK time.
  • Work may be carried out outside of those hours on request, but will be charged at twice the standard hourly rate.
  • Emergency Out of hours work is charged at 2.5 times the hourly rate.
  • Backups and WordPress upgrades are charged at a standard unit rate.

Work Provided

  • Only work requested is carried out on your behalf. As this work is carried out on an adhoc basis, no ongoing contract exists between us and we are not responsible for the ongoing maintenance of your website
  • If the nature of your problem goes beyond that which could reasonably be expected of a support contract (for example substantial development work, or serious exploratory work), we will recommend an alternative service and you will only be charged for the time taken to that point, subject to the minimum fees.

Your Responsibility

  • We can only act on the information provided, and it is your responsibility to provide us with the correct web address, login details and problem description
  • You will be offered a backup before work is undertaken. If you elect to not backup your files or database, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your files or data.

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