Keeping your version of WordPress upto date is always a good idea to keep your site running smoothly and to ensure you have the latest security features and precautions in place. Although it’s pretty straightforward to do, it’s well worth backing up your files AND your database before you start – there are several things that can go wrong, particularly if you’re using third party plugins or themes.

If you’d rather leave this under-the-hood work to the expert, we can do this for you for just £29.99. We’ll perform a full backup of your files and your database, install the latest version of WordPress and archive your backup for you. In the event of your plugins or theme not being compatible with the latest version, we’ll reinstate your site and quote to get your site fixed up. Your original fee will offset against the cost of the later work.

New versions of WordPress are released around 4 times a year. If you haven’t upgraded in a while, keep your site safe and running smoothly and order an upgrade now!

Order your WordPress Upgrade Now

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