Our WordPress Knowledgebase is now Live!

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Our WordPress knowledgebase is now live at wphelpdesk.co.uk

Our WordPress knowledgebase in now live at wphelpdesk.co.uk.

Here you will find solutions to many common WordPress issues including:

  • Common User Management problems such as logging into your website, lost passwords, password resets and creating new uesers
  • Content management – how to add and manage new content on your website
  • WooCommerce – step by step guides for managing your WooCommerce eCommerce website
  • WordPress Administration – How to keep your WordPress website running smoothly and securely
  • WordPress Errors – How to solve those annoying whitescreens or other errors

If you need assistance with your website, you can also book time slots for assistance directly into our calendar!

Missing an Article

If you have a common problem with your WordPress website that’s not already covered on wphelpdesk.co.uk, you can send us a message and we will consider it for inclusion!

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