20 Jan 2021

Introducing ‘Watch The Bot’

Nope, that’s not a typo!

We are big fans of automation at Watch the Dot, and use it to manage many of our business functions including setting up and renewing web hosting, managing domain names, monitoring website security and now building leads, managing support requests, growing our mailing list and building sales.

Removing routine tasks from your daily workflow enables you to concentrate on delivering your services and grow your business. 

Introducing Watch the Bot!

Watch the Bot is our new “AI” chatbot service that is seeing incredible results in all of the areas above. And with 48% of consumers saying they would rather connect with a company via live chat than any other mean of contact, can you afford to ignore this?

But don;t just take our word for it: Mark Zuckerberg believes Chatbots will be the secret to Facebook’s success over the next TEN YEARS, and billion dollar companies like Amtrak are already using Chatbots to get ROIs of 800% or more.

What do Chatbots Do?

Say you want to help a customer find a product on your website. The Chatbot will pop up with a welcome message and offer tailored multiple choice answers for your visitor. Or maybe you want to increase sales – the Chatbot can pop up as your website visitor goes to leave the site, offerring a discount at the checkout if they sign up to the mailing list.

The possibilities are endless and totally customisable to your preferences and requirements. You can see some examples on our Watch the Bot mini-site

Our Chatbots work with all websites and can be implemented with just a single line of code.


How Can I Afford This?

Our Chatbots are cheaper than you might think! You will need an initial investment of between £150 – £650 depending on the complexity of your Bot to get you moving with monthly running costs from just £25.


Get the Offer!

Until 28th February 2021, to prove the service to you, we’re offering our bots with no monthly fees for 1 year! This unbeatable offer is limited to 5 bots only.


Want to know more? Just have a chat to the virtual me over there –> and the real me will be in touch shortly!




21 Sep 2020

Delegate Access to your GoDaddy Account

Sometimes we may ask you to make some updates to your domain name DNS in order. This can be becasue you are moving your hosting to us, or one of your services requires some data attaching to you domain name (this is common with email services, or to prove ownership of a domain for example). These changes can be technical and sometimes you may prefer us to make them for you. If your domain name is with GoDaddy, you don’t have to hane over your username and password, you can just delegate access to us. That will allow us tologin to our godaddy account and make some updates to your Domain. You can revoke this access at any time.

To delegate access, you will need to login to your own Godaddy account. From there:

  • Select your name in the top right and select “Account Settings” in the drop down menu
  • Select “Delegate Access”
  • Select “Invite to Access”
  • Enter the name & email address of the part you wish to manage your account. If this is us, use “watchthedot” and “info@watchthedot.com”
  • Select the Access level required. We can advise if unsure
  • Select “Invite”
  • The party you have delegated access to will receive an email with an invite to manage your account. You can revoke this access at any time.

    05 Mar 2020
    14 Oct 2019

    Granting Access to your Google Anaytics Account

    There are times when it may be useful to grant a third party access to your Google Analytics account to view your stats or to help your create reports. This is a very simple process.

    Step 1 – Login to your Google Analytics account

    You can login to your Google Analytics account at https://analytics.google.com/

    Step 2 – Select the Admin link

    Step 3 – Select User Management

    Step 4 – Select the ‘+’ sign, followed by Add Users

    Step 5 – Enter the recipient’s Email Address and adjust permissions

    26 Sep 2019
    09 Jan 2019
    23 Mar 2018

    Hiring in Plymouth! Junior Web Developer

    Junior Web Developer

    Type: Full Time (will consider Part Time / Job Share)
    Hours: 9am – 5:30pm
    Based: Plymouth

    Job Description

    Our small but incredibly busy web development and hosting business is looking for someone to join our new Plymouth team in a junior capacity to assist with all our day to day technical activities. This varied role will rely heavily on your existing technical skills as well as your ability to learn quickly. You’ll need to bring value to the business from week one and be ambitious like us. We will want to grow your skills quickly and you’ll need to be flexible and quick of mind. You’ll sometimes talk to clients on the phone and occasionally attend meetings, so you’ll need to scrub up OK and be comfortable talking to people.

    Tasks include:
    • Assisting with support requests relating to our web hosting and domain services
    • Taking on small web development projects for clients
    • Troubleshooting client problems
    • Assisting with our internal technical projects
    • Technical administration of client accounts
    Your current skillset

    In order to be able to fit into the team and do this job effectively, you will already need a few essential skills~:

    • A proven interest in working with internet technologies – a college project or personal website for example
    • Ability to use Office applications without effort – you’ll have used Word and Excel or equivalent many times
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Excellent numeracy
    • Track record of commitment to working
    • Staying power

    There’s a few other things that would make you perfect for the job. If you have any of these skills on top of the above, you’re definitely the sort of person we’re looking for. You’ll be trained in these anyway, but having them will give you a head start:

    • IT Qualifications at A Level or above
    • WordPress experience
    • Understand of HTML
    • Understand of CSS
    • Understand of PHP
    • Understand of SQL
    • Familiarity with Linux, Apache, FTP and other web server tools

    If you’d like to apply for this role, please fill in the form below and attach your CV. We’ll get back to you and arrange an interview if we think you’ll fit the team

      Upload your CV

      26 Feb 2018

      Configure WordPress to use your SSL Certificate

      It is recommended that every website uses an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate encrypts data transmitted between the users computer and the website that has the certificate installed. Google will penalise you in search results for not having an SSL certificate, and popular browsers are now presenting users with increasingly stark security warnings when visiting a website that doesn’t use SSL.

      Do I already have an SSL certificate?

      Have a look in your browser address bar. If the web address begins with https:// rather than http://, you already have a certificare installed. You may additionally see a message from the browser showing the site is secure:



      How do I get an SSL Certificate?

      Speak to your webhost who will provide and install the SSL certificate for you. The price will vary, depending on the host and the certificate but for an average site expect to pay between £0 – £100 per annum.

      Configure WordPress to use your SSL certificate

      Once your webhost has confirmed that the SSL certificate has been instaled, you will need to configure your WordPress website to do this:

      1. Update the Site URL and Home URL

      Navigate to General > Settings and change your website web address from http:// to https://

      This will automatically configure WordPress to use the SSL certificate.

      2. Update internal site references

      If you use images on pages or posts (rather than featured images), you will need to update the links within the image tags to use https:// too. Doing this manually can be a laborious process so we recommend the Better Search Replace WordPress plugin for this.

      • Backup your database! If you make a mistake, you WILL break your website and recovery may be difficult without a backup.
      • Install better Sarch Replace from the WordPress Repository
      • Navigate to Tootles > Better Seach Replace
      • Search for your existing web address and replace with the new https:// version. We recommend you search in the tables wp_options, wp_posts and wp_postmeta.
      • Turn off the ‘Dry Run’ option
      • Run Search / Replace

      In most cases, your website will now show the secure padlock next to your web address. If it is still missing, you may need to search in additional tables. Contact us if you need help with this, and we will configure your webite to use SSL for a small fee.

      20 Dec 2017

      Christmas Opening 2017

      Another year over and it’s been a busy one here. As well as developing over 30 new websites, we’ve provided daily WordPress maintenance and support for many more. We’ve launched our Corporate WordPress training courses with WPTrain, moved into our new Cambridge office and opened our second base in the West Country to serve our Devon based clients.

      We’re taking a well needed break over the Christmas period this year.

      We’re closing the doors on Thursday 21st December at 2pm and will be reopening on Wednesday 3rd January at 9:30am.

      If you have a WordPress maintenance contract, don’t worry, maintenance will continue as normal. We will also be providing support to clients with a WordPress support contract or hosting account. Don’t forget you can also manage your own web hosting, email accounts, invoices and more by logging into your Watch the Dot account here. You can also check the server status of our standard shared hosting at any time on our Hosting Status page.

      We would like to wish you all a peaceful Christmas break and a happy and fruitful 2018!


      16 Nov 2017
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