New Plugin: Visit Notifications

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Our new free Visit Notification plugin is the Read Receipt for Web Pages!

We’ve just added a new free plugin to the Repository!

Activate this plugin to immediately receive email notifications when a visitor accesses a page on your site. The email provides a user’s basic information to you as soon as they visit the page, such as time of access, user agent, HTTP referrer, anonymised IP Address and approximate location and timezone.

There’s lots of ways to keep an eye on visitors to your website, but sometimes it’s useful to have those quick real time notifications. For example:

    • You’ve sent a link to a client and you want to know when they’ve opened it

    • You’ve launched a new page on your website and you want real time notifications when it starts getting visits

    • You want to keep an audit of visitors in your email inbox, which may be easier to manage when on the go

We think of Visit Notifications as the Read Receipt of web pages!

Download Visit Notifications from the repository here

Get more information on our Visit Notifications plugin page

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